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Stunning Party Dresses That Will Make You Look a Million Dollars



With the party season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to take a look at the latest dress trends. Retailers like Fashion World already have most of their A/W party dresses in stock. So, if you want the biggest choice of cuts and styles, now is the best time to get yourself online or, if you prefer, visit the shops and treat yourself to a stunning party frock.

Floral print dresses

It is a little surprising to see fashion retailers continuing to offer floral dresses for the autumn and winter seasons. Most women think of floral patterns as being something to wear during the hotter months. But, modern floral designs actually work surprisingly well, for the winter. 

If you fancy this style of dress, look out for the designs that feature pastel flowers against a dark background. Not the bright summery designs you normally see on offer.

Wrap floral dresses are especially attractive. They look great when worn with a blazer or jacket.

Animal print fabrics

Animal print fabrics are one of the biggest fashion trends for late 2018. They were heavily used in all of the latest catwalk shows. So, it is not unsurprising to see lots of retailers selling dresses that feature these designs.

Sophisticated maxi dresses

If you want to feel super glamorous, a full-length dress is the perfect answer. Fortunately, from the looks of things, most retailers are still offering their clients at least a few maxi dresses. The most elegant versions feature satiny materials, lace or beaded panels.

Bardot dresses

These beautiful dresses are named after Brigitte Bardot. They are fun and sexy, as well as being quite glamorous. However, because they are off-the-shoulder you will need to invest in a wrap to finish off your outfit.

Lace dresses

For a party, a dress that is made from a luxury fabric, always works. Lace is a really good option.

Usually, dresses that are made from this material are very flattering, especially for the fuller figure. The very nature of the fabric means that these dresses are made from at least two layers of material. Provided you choose wisely, the bottom layer will hold you in a bit and smooth out any little bulges. While the lacy fabric skims over your body and creates a pattern that distracts the eye and gives you a more flattering look. 

Choosing the right dress for a more formal occasion

If you have been invited to something a little more formal than your average seasonal party, just click here. You will be taken to an article that I wrote where I share with you some pointers. The guidance I used to help me to choose my Buckingham Palace garden party outfit, plus a few extra tips.


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