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Villa in Menorca


Looking back on our Menorcan holiday there are lots of moments that stand out as being lovely but the one that I remember the best is when Ellie and Jonnie surprised us at El Torro, the highest point of the island.   You see going away with two older children meant that we had booked two hire cars, allowing Mr B and I to do what we wanted to do without dragging them along to something they would rather avoid.  Similarly they could do what they wanted to do and not feel they were missing out on something they really wanted to see.

They visited El Torro the day before us so were able to tell us about and suggest we visit also.  We did that on a day they had decided to head off to one of the more secluded beaches.  On the way back Ellie texted to me to ask if we were back at the villa yet and I replied that we were still on the hill, just having a cold drink and would be leaving shortly.   Unbeknownst to us at the time they were trying to work out where we were so they could come and surprise us.

And surprise us they did, appearing in the gift shop just as we were about to leave.  It was lovely.  In fact it was perfect because not only did they want to surprise us but they also wanted to show us things that we may have missed, such as the sign above in the car park.  I would never have found that if the kids hadn’t shown it to us because there was a car parked in front of it on the opposite side of the car park from our car.

It was also their suggestion to find the best place to watch the sunset on the island and to head over there for dinner.  Jonnie even drove so that both Mr B and I could have a drink.

Having two hire cars was definitely a genius move on our part!

As was having a villa, rather than staying in a hotel.  It gave us the perfect flexibility to do what we wanted during the day, without having to worry about being out by a certain time, or eating at a certain time either.   If you are considering staying in a the Balearics I would seriously suggest you start by looking at the James Villa website because they have plenty to choose from, with all the amenities you would want, in all the places you want to be.

Little things like each villa has a locked key box on the outside of the building so whoever left last could put the key in the locked box (we all knew the combination and it changes every week) meaning whoever was home first could still get in.   This was a major bonus for us and meant we didn’t really have to plan who was leaving or returning first, or trying to hide them under a rock.   Massive brownie points to James Villas for that.

We loved Menorca, and have all agreed it is a great spot for a family holiday, there really is something for everyone, regardless of age.  We shall definitely be back.

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We were guests of James Villa who provided us with our accommodation, but all views are our own.

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