Sunday evening quiz


You might be a loose end tonight after the tennis has finished so I thought you might like this little quiz that have just found in my inbox from Mr Cooke.

First subscriber to my blog (yes, you need to be a subscriber) who emails me  with the correct answers will win something off my desk.

All the answers are London tube stations.

    1. Girls’ doll is able to
    2. Are his sheep in that plant?
    3. Where an archer would go to pray?
    4. A breadmaker would surely be found here.
    5. A road made of trees?
    6. A pretty little house in Switzerland?
    7. Not quite a circle.
    8. This tree has been on fire!
    9. Angry monarch?
    10. Dog not very quick to get to the middle.
    11. You’ll never walk alone through this road.
    12. The priest rolls in the winning putt here?
    13. Imperial measurement finishes here.
    14. Lloyds must have many braches here, surely?
    15. All dogs please alight here…
    16. A road full of rabbit holes?
    17. Twist the pig to mix yellow and blue.
    18. Write on the blackboard where pigs and cows can be found.
    19. Don’t go east to catch the boat.
    20. Doing the walk in Scotland?


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