Teenage shoe shopping with Brantano


Shopping with teenagers is never a pleasant experience.  Well not in my experience.  There is either nothing available or there is loads but it is all out of the price bracket.   Or out of stock.   I rarely go out shopping with my teens anymore, even less so now they can all drive.  It is a case of chucking cash at them and telling them I will see them later.

This year though I wanted Ellie to get some boots she could wear for school (and that more importantly would pass the school rules on footwear) but would also be practical to drive in.     Which meant shopping with her.  Something I was dreading.  Until Brantano stepped up (did you see what I did there?) and asked if we would like to review their service.    Oh well yes indeed, how could we refuse?

Ellie quickly found the pair she wanted and I was stunned to see they were Clarks boots !   I had always thought that Clarks were all about the school shoes or what I call “comfortable” shoes, ie frumpy.   Certainly not something you would expect a 17 year old to be picking.

The range was vast, and the price range was right on target.   How can you go wrong at £60 for a pair of leather boots that will be worn everyday and for years to come?    Clarks have been around for over 150 years so they know all there is to know about making shoes and boots that will last.

We’ve grown up with Clarks and it was a staple of every school holiday that we had a trip to get feet measured and new shoes and trainers bought from them.   I had no idea though that Brantano stocked their products so you can buy online from them.

Add to that free delivery (if you spend over £35) and you are laughing!

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