Thank goodness for Tesco this Mother’s Day

Thank goodness for Tesco this Mother’s Day


Quite frankly.

Buying for my mum on Mothers Day is an impossible task, I am sorry mum if you are reading this but you know when you hear people say “what do you buy the person who has everything?”  it is my mum I see.  I love her lots but seriously, buying presents for my mum is almost impossible.

When I was little I could craft something out of macaroni and a can of spray paint but if I did that now it might be slightly tragic.

I used to be able to buy flowers.

Until my mum ran a florists in the city

So I turned to buying her wine.

Until she bought a vineyard in Bordeaux

Then I bought expensive chocolates

Until she developed a lactose intolerance.

I can’t buy her perfumes or posh make up because she manages to get to a duty free shop a couple of times a year and can do all that kind purchasing herself.

See what I mean?  Impossible.   So as much as I know she loves a smelly candle, there are only so many you can buy.


I guess my shopping for gifts has changed as much over the years as the two of us have!  (sorry it is a rubbish photo but we didnt have Facebook in 1970).

So this year I have turned to Tesco.   I know!  Not where you would expect me to be headed this weekend but they have come up with something called Inspiration Stations and will have them dotted around the country in their larger stores this Saturday.   Manned by experts who will ask a few simple questions and then come up with THE perfect gift for not just you, but every mum in the country.    Hoping to help out the 22% of people who admit to being in a last minute panic about what to buy.

One in ten mums in the UK confess to being gifted a present in the past that they disliked and a fifth have admitted receiving a kitchen appliance they didn’t want  (not that you would find me in that category, you know I love a kitchen gadget).     These inspiration stations hope to stop all of that and come up with some gifts that a spot on.  Particularly if they are experiences.

We are huge fans of experiences as gifts and in our time have had theatre tickets, weekends away, Jonnie driving super cars, the list is endless.   Because we love being able to make memories and remember those events, and also being able to share the experience with other people too.   It is almost the gift the keeps on giving.

Tesco have come up with the perfect experience for me to share with my mum for mother’s day because I have had a sneak peek at the questionnaire and answered the questions already.   I can’t reveal what it is as that will spoil the surprise but it is fabulous and means the two of us get to spend the day together in London.  <zips mouth shut>

If you pop into one of the Inspiration Stations on Saturday you can even use your Clubcard Points to exchange for vouchers for gift experiences

What more could you ask for?

Do pop down to your nearest Inspiration Station on Saturday, your mum will thank you for it!


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