How to keep dust and clutter at bay in 5 simple steps

How to keep dust and clutter at bay in 5 simple steps


Houses get dusty no matter how thorough your cleaning schedule is, especially in the winter months when the heating is on max and all of your windows are closed. Sometimes it’s tempting to just let it build up and deal with it all in the spring but that’s not a healthy or realistic way to live.

Another problem is simply finding the time to dust and if you’re extremely busy then it might be best to hire a cleaner – you can find out more information about domestic cleaning at However, if you’re going to try and keep on top of things yourself, here are five simple steps that may help keep the dust and clutter at bay in your home.

Don’t underestimate fresh air

Houses tend to gather more dust if there isn’t a good circulation of air. Next time it’s a breezy and dry day outside, open your windows and let the air cleanse and replenish your home. Opening your windows will get rid of indoor pollutants, make your home smell better and will just give your general wellbeing and happiness a boost at the same time – it’s a quick fix!

Upgrade your vacuum

Even if you have an emotional attachment to your trusty hoover it might be time to get an upgrade. You ideally need a vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) Filter that not only vacuums but also purifies the air, unlike most vacuums that just stir the air and dust up. You can also take the HEPA filter out of the vacuum and clean it saving you running costs and hassle.

Maximise vertical space

Sometimes we make clutter out of everyday habits that we’ve picked up and it doesn’t seem reasonable to tidy things away that we use them every single day. However, putting up some more shelving means that these items are still easy to find and reach for, they’re just not cluttering up your space by being out of the way. If you’re put off the idea because you don’t like shelves then have a look at these quirky shelving ideas for some inspiration.

Ban shoes and promote slippers

Every time you or your family come in from the outdoors they trample dirt into carpets and flooring adding to the dust. Try to set up a porch area in your home, where shoes remain upon entry and slippers are put on to keep floors cleaner and toes cosy.

Bring the outdoors in

Filling your home with plants can help reduce dust. According to one study, plants can actually reduce indoor dust levels by up to 20%. If you choose your plants wisely and go for rubber plants and succulents you’ll also find that they don’t need too much water and attention.

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