The Benefit of good customer service

Why does Benefit have a capital B I hear you ask?  It shouldn’t, should it?

Well actually it should because this is a little story about how great customer service from Benefit made me a customer.

It all started with a last minute day trip to France last month.   “Shall we go to Calais for lunch?” said Mr B.   Realising he wasn’t joking I jumped onto the P and O website to see how ridiculously expensive a ferry crossing would be for the next day.



For four of us

And the car

And six free bottles of Piat D’or wine

Rude not to “add ticket to basket” at that price.   J and E thought we were losing the plot when we announced we were off to France for the lunch the following day but agreed to being woken up at 6am to leave for Dover.

We had great fun and on the Ferry back I decided to nip off to the shop to buy C a large Toblerone (she was working, hence her not being with us).    As I wandered into the shop (60% Moules and chips / 40% Cinzano and lemonade) I spotted a Benefit display stand.   A friend had posted some pics of a makeover she had recently had a Benefit counter in her home town so I thought I would have a little look.

A lovely chap said “let me know if I can help you, won’t you?”   The way in which he said it, in a non pushy, non patronising way must have struck a chord as I said “actually maybe you can”.   He explained the various products to me, recommending the ones he thought would be best for me and showed me how to apply them.   In ten minutes I had a basket of £80 worth of stuff.

I was so impressed that I tweeted Benefit to tell them what great customer service I had received (see, I don’t just rant about bad customer service) and with just a simple greeting their representative had me hooked.

So hooked that as I approached the till I grabbed a box set of five samples to add to my haul.

I didn’t get the name of the chap but by Tweeting Benefit and telling them the ferry I had been on Benefit did their own detective work and relayed my message to him.   How do I know that?  Because I then got a tweet from Daniel thanking me for my feedback and that I had made his day.

So there you have it.  Proof that good customer service really works:  people buy stuff when they get good customer service.   And by telling somebody that you got that good customer service you can make somebody’s day.

Everybody Benefits (did you see what did there?  Did you?  Clever, huh?  Oh forget it)

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  • Oh I love that they bothered to find out who it was and pass your enjoyment on to him! So much moaning and groaning at people in work these days by the powers that be, it must have been so gratifying to know that the extra care he was taking was appreciated.

    Well done you!

    And well done Daniel 🙂

  • Ahh, that’s lovely, and so good that you’ve now written a post of it. Totally agree with you – we’re all very quick to complain when we get bad service, but we should also make the effort to acknowledge it when we get good service too. Everyone wins!

  • It’s so great to read someone taking the time to share positive consumer experiences! There’s a good deal of negative experiences shared on Twitter and blog – mainly I suspect because it gets companies arses to get into gear and sort out their act – lovely to have it balanced out with some good tales too x

  • Sometimes good customer service makes all the difference, and means you are likely to use them again!
    I love Benefit stuff! 🙂