The Gallery — Autumn

Autumn for me isn’t necessarily about leaves.  Though one of my earliest memories is scrunching through fallen leaves.    And although I love seeing the changing colours of leaves on trees it isn’t what I get really excited about.


It’s the light.    The light in the autumn is often stunning.   You get that really bright sunlight that peeps through trees.    That blinds you when you drive towards it.   So despite it being barely above freezing you have to wear sunglasses.

The following pictures were all taken on Monday when it felt like I covered most of the home counties in trips that saw me picking up the dog and dropping off J.


How about you?   What is your favourite bit about autumn?


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  • Although I am pushing 70, my favourite thing about Autumn is scuffling along through the dry crispy leaves., and indeed racing my 6 yr old granddaughter to get to the best patches!

    I even had the priveledge to see a border collie barking at his master to kick up leaves for him the pounce on. The dog loved it, and I enjoyed watching him, he was so full of joy, he looked like a puppy although he was 8 years old.

    • Hahaha…. it does look like that. Top and bottom, car parked, jumped out and standing in middle of deserted road (yeah because that is really safe)

      Other one I was stationary in middle of deserted country lane

      And garden, well clearly just standing in my garden.

  • These are so lovely – the way the suns rays peep through the trees and bring a bit of cheer to a cold autumn day. Xx

  • That top photo is stunning! The sunlight seems to be pouring through haze on the left hand side?

    For me Autumn is all about the sunlight too and the way it can change the bleakest of cold scenes into something magical

    Popping over from The Gallery.

  • In previous years I always looked forward to the introduction by the more enlightened breweries of “Winter Warmers”.
    Either as draughts or in bottles they used to put back in my pencil the lead threatened or removed by the low temperatures.
    Hey Ho!

  • Autumn is a stunning month. Usually for me, it means we can sit back and be happy that the landwork is finished and we have been paid for our harvested crops. But this year the landwork hasn’t been finished because of the dreadful weather, and we still have a few fields that we’re waiting for payment of.

    CJ x

  • Beautiful. The sun and the mist of Autumn is often stunning isn’t it? It’s the colours for me, I love them (and all the birthdays we celebrate from September through to November!)