The Mistress’s Revenge — November 2012

This month’s selection for my Book Club is the debut novel by Tamar Cohen who’s latest book came out over the summer.

Never have an affair with anyone who has less to lose than you. And – never underestimate the wrath of a woman scorned.For five years, Sally and Clive have been lost in a passionate affair. Now he has dumped her, to devote himself to his wife and family, and Sally is left in freefall. It starts with a casual stroll past his house, and popping into the brasserie where his son works. Then Sally starts following Clive’s wife and daughter on Facebook. But that’s alright isn’t it? I mean they are perfectly normal things to do. Aren’t they? Not since Fatal Attraction has the fallout from an illicit affair been exposed in such a sharp, darkly funny and disturbing way:The Mistress’s Revenge is a truly exciting fiction debut. After all, who doesn’t know a normal, perfectly sane woman who has gone a little crazy when her heart was broken?

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I was gripped from page one with this book, though it is not written in a style that I come across much before.  It is written in the style of a letter – from Sally, who has been spurned by Clive after an affair lasting five years.    A decision Sally doesn’t take well.

So she decides to get her revenge by befriending Clive’s wife.   And children.  Including befriending them on Facebook.
Sally’s obssession with Clive becomes all consuming, to the detriment of her own partner Daniel and their two children.  Her obsession verges on madness with devastating consequences.

With a brilliant twist in the tail this book really is “un put downable” right to the very end.


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