The Gallery — Breakfast

Breakfast.   What is breakfast in this house?

If it is Saturday it is missed out all together by the kids as they don’t get up until lunchtime.

Sunday and Mr B and I often go to BlackBushe market for a wander round.  If we are feeling particularly generous we will return with “dirty burgers” for brunch.

Monday and this is breakfast for J:

Other days of the week and he has a cooked breakfast at school <jealous face>

Monday to Friday for E is this

For C it could be anything, depending on what time she wakes up after the shift the day before.   It was chilli con carne one day last week.

For Mr B it will be a coffee at his desk.   For me it is a cup of tea

If we are on holiday it is this

So when Tara asks for our breakfast pictures for this week’s gallery I am a bit stumped because there isn’t one picture that sums it up!



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  • We are creatures of habit, and breakfast is always an oat based Granola, not home made I’m afraid, juice and two cups of tea.
    Hubby and I both have problems with wheat, so we never eat bread or toast, and cakes and biscuits are the wheat free variety.
    I must admit that cutting out wheat based products from my diet has contributed to my weight loss over the Ladt year.

  • We all skimp wrt breakfast so no further comment thereon.

    Pants on backwards!
    Have sympathy for Y-front wearers who work to the last possible minute before dashing to the loo.
    Imagine if you can the utter panic when you realise they’re on back to front!
    Been there, done that, been lucky so far.

  • The final breakfast photo wins it for me. I could be eating cardboard and it would taste delicious with those views!