Lady GaGa

Know her?  Slightly quirky woman who sings a cracking tune?  Stories in the press of only drinking tea from one particular tea cup and when it was forgotten a taxi was sent to pick it up?

All a bit bonkers but each to their own I say.

And then this week we see this as a headline in a “newspaper”.  News.  Paper.   A  paper that gives us news, or a rumour.  Not bullying and downright nastiness.


“Piling on the pounds”

I am sorry?

A so called “reporter” is writing this crap?

And then adding pictures like these:


“bulging hips and thighs, less than toned tummy and double chin”


Where is the story in this?  Is it any wonder that so many women have eating disorders in this country when there are newspapers printing garbage like this?

When will it stop?

This is not news Daily Mail.

And then we see this on the Marie Claire Twitter feed.


With a link to this in their magazine:  Is Gaga pregnant?

What the hell gives the press the right to speculate like this?

Girls are dying from anorexia.  Girls are being teased in schools.  Girls are starving themselves because they fear they are not “perfect”.

Do newspapers and magazines not see the correlation?



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  • you tell them! what a lot of nonsense!
    MarieClaire does like sensationalist tweets TBH, to drive traffic to their site they tweet a lot of rubbish sometimes, I find
    As for the Daily Mail, well, I won’t even start on that one!