The Gallery — Delicate


Hmm now how to interpret this one?  It’s a tricky theme this week, I think.

I actually planned on photographing something else when along came this last night:

Four real “melt in the mouth” macarons served with our tea at the end of dinner (sorry about the lack of the other three, they sort of evaporated).

Even the doily adds a certain something to how delicately we should assume this is, don’t you think?



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    • Tara, we haven’t me but I think you know me well enough to understand I am a “shove it all in” kinda gal.

      Weeeeel I couldn’t run the risk of it crumbling and making a mess on my fancy dress, could I?

  • ha ha love how the other 3 are already missing!! and dolliies are very delicate x

  • Somethign so very delicate that I am sure was not eaten that way, and neither should it have been! x

  • I can only imagine that delicacy didn’t come into the eating of the other 3 given there are no crumbs!