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Door.   A single word for the theme on The Gallery this week but one that could mean so much.   Do you often look at a door and wonder what is behind it?  What does it lead to?  With a firm interest in property I often look at doors between shops and wonder if they lead to a passageway behind the shops, or up to flats above?  Is there happiness behind that grand front door to the palatial mansion?  Or is there a happier family living behind that battered and dusty front door?

The door above is not really a door.  Well it is, but it isn’t.   I bought this in a souk in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when I lived there in the nineties.    Souvenirs are hard to come by in a country with no tourism industry so this was my idea of a momento to remember my six years out there.   Most doors are wooden in Saudi, which is unusual when the only trees are palms, but wood is cheaper than UPVC!   Doors in a wall out there often opened onto court yards, not onto rooms as you would expect here.   And were often huge.

I found this in the souk, in a junk shop, on the floor and it was filthy.  But I loved it.  Had no idea what I would do with it, but bought it anyway.

It now hangs on a wall in our hall way.  A door half way up a wall.

And what lies behind this door?



That is what happens when you have a teenage boy with a sense of humour living in your house.   Apparently it was there for months before I noticed it!

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