They say moving is stressful

Whoever “they” are.  But they do, don’t they?  Moving is the most stressful thing you can do according to league tables of such matters.

Well they are wrong.

Sort of.

Those charts always suggest that moving house is the stressful thing.   Well it isn’t.  The house bit I mean.  I tell you what is more stressful when it comes to moving.

Blog host.

If you don’t blog it won’t have occurred to you that there is a host behind this blog.  A company who let me have a bit of their computer in a basement somewhere, from where this blog is then stored.   If you do blog, well you know exactly what I am talking about.

Blogging forums are full of:

I need to move, where do you recommend?

I need to move but I am scared

I need to go self-hosted

If I move my blog will I lose it?

etc etc etc.    You see when you move a blog you can’t get Pickfords in to wrap it in bubble wrap, put it in a box clearly labelled “blog” and then wait for it to arrive at its new home.   No, you have trust somebody you have never met to move it from dark basement to another and let me tell you it is terrifying.

My, now, old host:  Noouhost,  told me I was getting too big for them.   Not in a “too big for my boots” type way but my blog has quite a large database behind it (why do I want to look in the mirror and turn round to inspect my own backside at that phrase?) so was taking up more than my permitted “5% of any server”.   That meant I had to move.  And I had to do it before my renewal fee came up in August.

Which meant I had to do it now.

Well last Friday actually.

I knew where I was going.  I had been eyeing up my new home for a while.  It is the home that a lot of bloggers talk about.  That when you ask where a good home might be, a lot of people mention.   A new home in Maidenhead, just down the road in fact.   A home that boasts of an Ultimate Package.    That means it would be my forever home.   Where I could retire in fact.

TSO Host are the new home of MummyBarrow and I have to say, have been superb.   They did all the move for me, though technically they call it a migration.

They laughed at my password “You are going to be laughing at that in the pub later too aren’t you?”


They wrapped my blog up in bubble wrap and moved it over.   They answered my panicked emails of “is it all okay, can I look yet?”.   When a post on Friday didn’t appear because there was a problem with <insert some technical jargon that I didn’t really understand> they sorted it as soon as I called them up.   Even at 6pm on Sunday night when a completely unrelated problem meant my blog wouldn’t load, they answered the phone.   They called me back at 9.40pm to tell me it was sorted.   They couldn’t have been more brilliant.

And whilst I have now gone from paying £20 a year to £20 a month it doesn’t feel so painful when you get that level of support and know you are going to be comfy.

And so here I am.  In my new home.   Wipe your feet, won’t you?  And you do know it is customary to bring a house warming gift of cake, don’t you?

*offers up empty plate*



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  • Yay! Welcome to TSO, does this mean we’re hosting sisters now? Glad it all went well for you *passes massive slab of cake*

    • It did. Couple of glitches but all sorted as soon as I called them. V impressed! Yay, we are indeed now sisters.

  • Glad I can see it now,

    Anyway chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and chocolate glacé icing is winging it’s way through the ether to you.

  • Hi, my name is Wahid and I am the Head of Product & Marketing at Tsohost. I just wanted to thank you for this blog post. We are humbled by your kind words. Support is a key differentiator in the web hosting market and we are always pleased when a customer takes the time to share it with the world 🙂

    Happy blogging.

    • Thanks so much for your comment!

      I have a bit of a “thing” about customer service, and as much as I love to rant about awful service, I do like to shout about good customer service. And you guys have been spot on so far. You have a superb team.

  • Glad it’s all worked out :)) I nearly blew my top moving house a few months ago so you’re a brave lady as we had oodles of bubble wrap!!

  • Hello, I’ve been Tsohost for many years. Their personal support at seemingly all hours, their attention to detail and their rock solid hosting platform sets them apart from others in this space. I wish other service providers were like them.