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Tara’s latest Gallery theme is Easter.  So I had a rummage through old photos and I couldn’t find anything that I felt I could use.  Nothing.    Well, I could.  But I am sailing very close to the wind on what the kids will let me upload if it involves them.   And I refuse to publish anything they don’t approve (with one exception but I seem to have got away with that).

Which meant using a photo from this weekend  (which I had been trying to avoid as my Silent Sunday has to be taken in the preceding week so I try to make sure The Gallery is an old snap as I like you to see a variety of stuff and remind myself of the good ole days).

How do you photograph “we did bugger nothing for four days except go to a wedding reception on Friday night?”

How do you photograph lazy?

“The kids were away so we didn’t have breakfast, had lunch at four and started drinking at 5pm”.

Sat around reading, DrawingSomething on our ipads, starting to get into Game of Thrones, watching golf?

I could publish a photograph of Mr B sitting in his pants watching the Masters but, understandably I didn’t actually photograph that one.   Obviously.

And a photograph of a pile of eggs seemed too… well, predictable.

So I give you this one:


This does show lazy:  Room service to the hotel room before the wedding reception.  They only did pizza.  We hadn’t bothered to eat all day and it was 6pm and with the wedding at 4pm we suspected food at the reception wouldn’t be until 10pm.

Drinking at 5pm:  From a hotel mug as Mr B brought the bottle of wine, and corkscrew, but no glasses.

Pizza.  On a bed.  With Chablis in a mug.

Now that is what Easter is all about.

Doing bugger nothing

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