Why a smoothie makes me Victoria Beckham

A few days ago I blogged about a distinct lack of strawberries in Strawberry Yogurt flakes.   It seems, however, that these are not an isolated incident.

Have you ever read the label of a smoothie bottle?

Probably not as the print is so small and you are not as sad as me.   Allow me to enlighten you:

Honey and Vanilla smoothie, anyone.  Yum.  I love vanilla.

Take a closer look at the ingredients though and it is 54% yogurt, 38% apple juice.   That leaves 8% for the NAMED INGREDIENTS.

So what do we find?  7% honey and vanilla lumped in with antioxidants and ascorbic acid.

Less than one percent but it makes up fifty percent of the name.

Just how can that be allowed?

I am serious about this. I really think this is false advertising.   You can’t just say “oh it has a bit of something in it and therefore we can call it that”.  Surely?

If that is the case you can start calling me skinny.

Inside me there is a size zero woman, let’s call her Victoria.   Admittedly Victoria is encased with a slightly more rotund woman but if she makes up 10% of my dress size then I am a damn sight closer to looking like Victoria Beckham than that smoothie is to being vanilla.

Ten times in fact.

So.   Will you break the news to David or will I?

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