The Gallery — Embarrassing Outfits

I love Tara Cain’s blog and her Gallery blog hop.   I am just never organised enough to participate.

Until I heard this week’s and thought “I have to enter this, I have a belter”.

I had been searching through old photos of me to do a post on childhood holidays, when I stumbled across this:

I would love to be able to say that I am the stylish lady on the left, but that is my mum who is as stylish today as she was back then.

Me on the other hand. ……       What the hell was I thinking when I put that ensemble together?

1) Permed AND highlighted hair

2) Double denim

3) Trying to be uber cool with the matching  jumper and socks?

4) Jeans rolled up?


My only defence is that it was 1988.



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