The Gallery — Frightful

My heart sank just a little bit when I saw this was the theme for this week’s Gallery posts.

It sank because…. well…. I just knew I didn’t really have any suitable photos in the archives (and I like use old photos for these posts, rather than take one specifically for the theme).

Which meant I had to take one from a very limited list of options.   All equally frightful:

1)  A photo of my bank balance two days before the end of the month.

2)  A credit card statement three days after Christmas when I have panic shopped on Christmas Eve

3)  A child’s bedroom

4)  The bathroom

Or this one and to be honest this is the most frightful of all the options.    Me.   First thing in the morning.   Pre shower.   Pre tea.   Pre hair brush.   Pre anything other than falling out of bed.

You have been warned.


Run away

Run away



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