New police commissioner vote

Have you received your voting cards yet?

We got ours recently and I didn’t pay much attention to be honest.   I know the vote is later this month but up until now I have had no idea who I want to vote for.

What do I know about policing?  Other than I call 999 and somebody arrives.   Or I watch a programme on Channel 4 about people dialling 999 because they can’t get their Oyster card to work and I scream at the telly.

But apparently the Commissioner is not going to have any control over actual policing, it is more about budgets.

Budget schmudget I say.   What do I know?  And why do I have to vote?  Why can’t they just apply for the job in the usual way?  If they asked for my vote by sending the voting card in a cake I might pay attention.  But they didn’t.

So I thought I would just ignore the whole thing.

Until I saw this video.   And I knew immediately who I wanted to vote for.

Harry Saunders might only be six but he gets my vote for the role of Commissioner.  Harry is the youngest son of our very good friends Jo and Julian, and the little brother of E’s best friend Bex.


What do you think?  He speaks a lot of sense doesn’t he?


Would he get your vote on the 15th?


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  • Well Done Harry. If you’ve been naughty (not that I think you would be) you can’t chose what you want to happen so it makes sense that criminals shouldn’t choose. I think I would still let them eat though.
    I’m with you for Tom Daly being prime minister!

  • This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I think he’s got it spot on: Tom Daley for Prime Minister. Now that would make for interesting meetings with other heads of state…