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What a great theme on The Gallery this week:  I Made This.

Generally speaking in our house I don’t make things.  I do the clearing up after other people have made things, or buy the ingredients for other people to make things.  I am the least crafty (and by that I don’t mean sneaky) person I know.    So finding something I made that I could photograph was tricky.   Unless it was a pile of ironing.

And then I remembered the above that was lurking in the corner of our living room.   I MADE THIS!

When I was sixteen and at college training to be a nanny.   I didn’t do A levels (I am too dim) but did do the NNEB two year nannying course before going off to be a nanny for three years.   This was one of my final pieces in which we had to make a toy, and write a book.   As you can see it is rather old and most of the pegs are missing but I think you can grasp the concept.


It even still has the notes on the back for the examiner that explain why I made what I did, the age range I think it is suitable for, why the pegs are where they are and why I think it is “good toy”.    I got an A- , one of the few A’s I ever got.

And it makes me think back to 1986

*Skips off singing Take My Breath Away from the Top Gun soundtrack*



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  • Ah 1986…….the year I started my periods while in primary school and being the first in my year to get them. Then the transition from primary school to high school……1986 sucked for me lol

    Love your toy tho 😉 xxxx

  • Aww, I was 4! The only thing I was making back then was ‘perfume’ from water and rose petals 🙂 Great idea for the toy – they have a version of those at my son’s nursery and he loves them.

  • I WANT ONE OF THOSE! So cool! Hmm…. 86 – I would have been 14…. I WOULD have made one of those but I was probably too busy snogging the face off some poor unsuspecting 5th year! 😉 x

  • 1986 – Just about to start at drama school. A summer of hanging out, drinking and some right dodgy boyfriends if memory serves me right. Aaaah

  • Impressed that you still have it. 1986 – second year at secondary school for me, so nowhere near as young as a lot of these whippersnappers here!

  • I remember making a jigsaw at school bit nothing else particularly exciting! l
    Lovely flash back x