What’s the Story — July 22nd

I love a linky.  I love the idea of joining blog posts together and really bringing the “community” into blogging.   I was, therefore, quite excited when I heard last week that Charly from Podcast was starting a new linky this week because I knew it was one that I would like to join in with.  Not sure I will be able to do it every week but certainly will as and when  I can!

The idea is simple:  What’s the Story? “one picture and you tell the story behind it”.  No theme.  New or old picture, you just post it and tell your readers a bit about it.

And my first picture is the one above.   Which might be one of my favourite pictures I have ever taken!   It was taken at MOSI in Manchester this weekend after listening to John who runs the Photo Walk Through website and is, himself, a very knowledable photographer and teacher of the subject.

He told us about the rule of thirds, looking for natural lights, lines to lead the eye, diagonals, vanishing points and curves and then asked us to take a picture during the day and tweet it.  A winner would be piked at the end of the day.

As John ran through his favourites at the end of the day this picture popped up.   The structure had featured a lot in photographs as it was very striking and in fact was central to the building space.   John liked that I had taken the picture from a different angle.   Through a window with a Venetian blind.   Repetitive lines also featured on John’s list of things that work well in photos.

I was rather proud of John’s comments.  Having taken it on my phone and not with my expensive camera.   He also said he “couldnt really fault it”.

That’ll do for me!

PS the winning photograph was definitely the winner, same structure but from underneath, in black and white.  A truly stunning pic.

Now if any canvas printing companies are watching and need a review I might just get this one done for posterity!

What do you think?

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  • Wow, love the complexity of the lines/structure…feels like my brain today after little sleep, a teething baby and deadlines!

  • I LOVE it, loving all the lines and various shapes so much interest all in one shot

  • I love this!

    It has something really calming about it (probably because of the structure) but is also a bit intimidating, which I love in a photograph.

    This would make my uni photography teacher weep with joy!

  • You were actually our winner until the very last moment when we found Minty’s picture

    It was so close 🙂

    • Really?! Brilliant

      But I was happy to come second to Minty. Her picture WAS superb. And I have a camera too so I am hoping the camera is something she can really get to use whereas for me it wouldnt have been used to it’s full potential. John’s, and your, comments make me very proud of my little pic and that is all I needed!

  • This is a really superb picture. I love all the lines and angles and the shades. And the accompanying story was really informative too. Well done you on a very well deserved ‘runner up’ spot x

  • I love this photo – the depth, the lines, the fact it’s in black and white. Superb Tanya, really great. Initially I thought it had been taken by John the photographer! Well done you. It sounds like MOSI was brilliant and what an excellent memento. Thank you for linking up to #whatsthestory

  • I wouldn’t have believed that you had taken this photo with your phone if you hadn’t told us! Great composition.

  • Great pic and love the story behind it. I’m terrible at photography, so know I could hugely benefit from a session like this – best try to get to the next bloggers meet up…!

  • Ah love this linky, I have just the pic/story too, that’s my job for tonight! So much to look at in your photograph and that’s what I like about it, the angle is really appealing too, **cocks head to side** for another nosy!

  • I am no photo expert and cannot use technical terms but I blinkin’ love this; it makes you dizzy looking at it which makes it captivating – loved it – popping over from #whatsthestory

  • Fabulous photo from what was a great day! I learnt so much from John about photography, can’t wait to try it out properly!

  • Inspired to take the shot through the blind and an amazing quality considering it was on your phone – no wonder he was impressed.