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This is possibly the hardest theme to date.   I scoured all of our Facebook photo albums.   The hard disk on both my laptop and the family desktop.  Even our newly installed “grunty box” that sits in a corner and is simply a storage unit for music and photos.   I looked all the way back to photos from 2003 and drew pretty much a blank.

Until I found this one.   The quality is appalling as it was taken in a dark cinema but hopefully you will recognise the gentleman on the right:


One of our greatest directors / producers / writers ever.   Mr Richard Curtis, CBE.

And on the left is E, with her friend B in the middle.

We went along to a screening of War Horse in Henley earlier this year that was then followed by a question and answer session.    And an opportunity to get a quick pic (on my Blackberry so the quality is dire, sorry).

It was great to hear Richard (if I may be so familiar) talk of working with Spielberg and other Hollywood greats.    And to hear how War Horse was conceived and turned into the blockbuster it has become.

Oh and my question to him?

Which film is the one that got away?  The one that you wished you had been involved with?


500 Days of Summer was the reply.   One I haven’t seen but one that is now firmly on my must see list.

Especially as it starts with this disclaimer:

Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental … Especially you, Jenny Beckman … Bitch

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  • Great story to go with image and btw only editing on mine was saturation and logo…now have a go at working out how I did it 🙂 x

  • Oh how fantastic, what a thing to show people! Love the disclaimer and you asked him a cracking question. Richard Curtis films are always reliable quality aren’t they? Especially if Huge Grunt and Mr. Firth are in them.

    Popping over from The Gallery