But I never win anything

I often hear this from people.

oh but you are so lucky, I never win anything

I always reply with

well do you enter anything?

It is amazing how many times people then say “well no, what’s the point?  I wouldn’t win”

You have to enter competitions to win them!   I have won everything from a private gig with KT Tunstall in our lounge and breaksfast show being hosted in our house, to a 47″ 3D TV to Toblerones and goody bags, business cards and a Tassimo machine.

Granted I have entered more competitions than I have won, obviously,  but the point is:  if you don’t enter, you won’t win!

This week, thanks to this blog post about Cravendale I won a year’s supply of milk!   I was hoping it might be our own cow but these will do!


Anyone for a cuppa?

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  • I used to enter competitions all the time, and I won loads of stuff. Nothing major, the biggest prize was a telly. I do know someone who won a car though 🙂

    • oooh yes Annie. I remember somebody winning a car once. I recall it was quite a tense competition!

  • I enter so many things and have rarely won, would love to win a holiday or at present a TV (desperately need a new TV) , but nope :(, I will keep trying though, I have won a few lovely things lately, some beautiful soap from Barbados 😉 a soft play farm for little man and a book on cakes so I shouldn’t complain 🙂 xxx

  • Oh well done Tanya!! I enter lots and win some, not many and nothing major, but the thrill of winning anything at all is still very good indeed. And yes.. in the words of Dale Winton…

    You have to be In it to Win it!

  • I have been entering competitions for about 15 years now and have won a couple of holidays, loads of dvds, sweets, cosmetics, books and tickets, plus so many other things it’s hard to remember! I go through spells where I win nothing for ages, but when I do win it’s the most wonderful feeling!