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Time.  The one thing we can’t buy that I really wish we could.   It is possibly the most important commodity.   Who wouldn’t want to buy more time?

As you may have guessed I have been pondering time and life in general a lot recently.   Thinking I need to spend more time doing certain things, less time doing others.   I have also been thinking about where the time has gone.  What have I done in the past month / year  / five years?  It’s a frightening thought process when you spend too much time thinking about it, isn’t it?

My memory is so shocking I am now loving TimeHop (that app I mentioned the other day) that lets you see exactly what you were doing a year ago, two years ago, even five years ago.   It reminds me of things that made me laugh, or get grumpy, but that I wanted to share.  I guess it is showing me how time is passing.

How my children are growing up, and how I am growing old.

Today I had a “wow that is bonkers moment” with it.   We are currently in Barbados and decided this afternoon to go to the Northern most tip of the island for a swim in the Animal Flower cave.   As you arrive into the car park there is a sign post with various countries displayed, showing you how far away they are.

The first one I saw was Kenya.   Somewhere I visited earlier this year but it wasn’t that made me stop and think.  It was that two years ago Jonnie was heading off to Kenya for a month with a bunch of school mates.



That two years had gone by since then is just extraordinary.

He returned with great stories (and a pile of washing).   Got his A level results and decided to get a job rather than go to university and end up in debt with no guarantee of a job in four years.    Jonnie has also changed jobs since then and become financially independent.

In the past two years Ellie has started, and finished her GCSEs.   A levels start in September.    Hair has been blue and now pink, and if ever a sixteen year old was clued up about the world, it’s Ellie.

Caity has changed jobs in the past two years too.   Taken on the landlord from hell and won.   Been on her first foreign holiday with Dan.   Moved house.   Been promoted.

I couldn’t be more proud of my three kids and all they have achieved and accomplished in the past two years.

Now I just need to work out what I have done in the same time!



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