The garden at Mottisfont

I have been to Mottisfont at least half a dozen times now and yet I have only been in the house once.  Why?  Well because no matter the season the gardens here are stunning, and I say that as somebody who’s own garden is an expanse of grass and weeds.


These top two pics are of the kitchen garden, just outside the walled garden and they are just coming to life at the moment.   The perfect spot for some inspiration on what to do with a small garden, or tubs on a patio at home.

I visited last week and wanted to share some of pictures with you, so please forgive me that this post is picture heavy and light on words.  They say a picture paints a thousand words, and I just wish it could convey the smell too



If you haven’t been I really strongly advise you to visit as soon as you can.  The middle of June is THE best time to see the roses in the walled garden.  Though of course there are some other stars of the show too!




Get there early though!  When we arrived there was already a queue in the car park and a lot of people in the walled garden.  We made a beeline for it and then worked our way back through the kitchen garden and down to the main house for a much needed cuppa.   Though of course you could stop in the kitchen garden for tea and cake too


You might also like to know that there are early morning openings throughout June at Mottisfont (opens 9am instead of 10am) and the late evening openings on Thurs, Fri, Sat until 8pm. So lots of opportunities to make the most of the summer sunshine.


That’s Annie above, using her old Hassleblad camera to take some stunning photos.  If you want to see examples of her work, do look at her Unsplash collections she has an incredible eye and an ability to photograph things in a way that I can’t see despite standing next to her when she captures an image.

If you do head down there this summer, do let me know and I might just come and join you.


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