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The one about pillows


You probably don’t know this about me but my perfect day would involve a very large bed.  White cotton bedding and a huge amount of pillows.   A pile of newspapers and copious amounts of tea.   This to me is pretty much the height of luxury.     So it is slightly baffling that I have never done anything about recreating that at home.  I have one pillow, it’s pretty battered and our bedding is multi-coloured.   I never stay in bed past 7am, and whilst I could quite happily nap on the sofa every afternoon it wouldn’t occur to me to take the papers back to bed once I have got up.

For several reasons recently I have also been thinking more and more about pillows (some might say I should get out more but I am a home body at heart so bear with me).   As I have mentioned in other posts recently I have been suffering from various symptoms linked to the menopause, mostly hot flushes and night sweats.   To the point where I haven’t slept under a duvet since about February because I am just too hot.  People mentioned to me putting my pillow case in the freezer but that seemed a tad extreme, and as one of the other symptoms is brain fug I would just forget I had done it.  I have also been nursing a dodgy shoulder that seems to be there when I wake up, and gone by about 11am.  So it doesn’t take eight years at medical school to work out this latter problem is probably related to my sleeping on that one rubbish pillow.

Which is I was suitably excited to be asked recently if I thought that some new pillows (and a matching duvet) might alleviate some of those problems.   That was a month ago and I can, hand on heart, say yes they very much have.

I was sent some Silentnight Max pillows which were quickly snaffled by Mr B.

The Silentnight Airmax pillow is designed to provide you with a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. It has been created with a box construction, complete with an airmesh panelling section to enhance breathability and circulation while you sleep. The Airmax pillow is particularly helpful for back and side sleepers, providing ample support for your neck and head through the night. This Silentnight Airmax pillow is non-allergenic.

Where I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat (or just because there is a pillow waiting to be photographed near my desk), Mr B is always awake for hours thanks to being an insomniac with the added delight of tinnitus.   Sleep for him comes about four hours after getting into bed so his pillows need to be supportive when he is reading up on the latest camera forums he frequents at 2am, and comfortable when he eventually falls asleep face down on his phone which has to be peeled off his face when he wakes up.

These pillows have done exactly that.   He tells me that the sleep he does get (a precious four hours a night) is much more restful and he is no longer waking up feeling quite so wrecked.

I was sent a Silentnight Studio pillow which, when I read the literature, left me shaking my head saying “that can’t work, surely”.  In a nutshell this pillow is actually three pillows inside one cover.  Depending on how you sleep (on your back, front or side) you adjust the pillows inside the cover accordingly.  There are seven combinations you can choose from, and once you have the one that works for you, or my word it is a revelation.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how it works


I mean, seriously, why did it never occur to me that your pillow should change depending on how you sleep?  Now I know about it, well it makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

I have gone for 1+3 because although I always go to sleep face down, I know I toss and turn a lot at night, and always wake up on my back.  It has definitely made a difference to my shoulder pain; it’s gone.   Completely.

available to buy here: Silentnight Studio pillow £49.00 or Silentnight Airmax pillow £8.99

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