The Round House Barbados

If you have been to Barbados, you have been to the Round House.

It sits right on the edge of the Atlantic side of the island in a town called Bathsheba and has the most spectacular view.

We have been here a number of times for a drink, but finally got to eat here yesterday.   It was a miserable day so we headed off in search of some sun.   You often don’t have to go far to get out of the rain on Barbados.   And if it continues to rain, well you just enjoy the scenery.

By the time we arrived it was 30 degrees so we decided to sit inside to get out of the sun, and to enjoy the breeze coming through the window.    How is this for a view:

As this is the Atlantic it is not advisable to swim here so the beaches are relatively deserted.  You might find the odd hardened surfer but you won’t find families lying in the sun

The food was equally as fabulous and I think my club sandwich was quite possibly the best I have ever had.  Never again will it be my order of choice from a room service menu as it will never match this:

Mr B had  dolphin (no not real dolphin, it is a type of tuna) sandwich and E had chicken.   All with fries, for about £10 each.

Look, here’s a cheeky pic of Mr B outside


If you are ever on Barbados, I highly recommend this place.

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  • Lady B speaking – You lucky people – I loved the Roundhouse – had a sort of quiche thing – delicious. As you know the East coast is my favourite area of Barbados, there’s an interesting drink hut shack at Bathsheba. Are those the new shorts? love Mum/Lady B

    • Hi Lady B

      yes indeed!! The new shorts have had an airing and look fab!!!

      It is rather special on “that side” isnt it? As long as we remember “the sea aint go no back door”

  • Why can’t you swim in the Atlantic? Or is it a particularly rough patch of beach/ocean?