The Gallery — Planes, trains and automobiles

I love taking part in The Gallery because it makes me look at old pics to find something that fits the theme.   It is easy to take a pic specifically for these posts but I like to use old ones, keeping current pics for Silent Sunday.

So for this theme I give you:

A helicopter.

But not any old helicopter.   One being flown by Mr B.

I had bought him the experience for his birthday so off we went to Bournemouth one morning a few years ago so he could have a lesson and take control whilst flying along the coast.

There he is on the left, being given instructions in what to do.   And what not to do!

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  • Scary but fun times. Fab pictures 🙂
    I often get my Mr expereince days like zorbing, bungee jumping etc. A great gift idea I feel as it creates memories too x