The simple things in life

are what make me happiest.   Isn’t that true for all of us?  It’s the simple things that make us smile.   That reassert our joy to be alive.

I realised this whilst out walking dog one evening this week.   Walking him in just a t-shirt (me, not him) for the first time this year and being so pleased that I didn’t have to put on boots to stop me falling over, gloves to stop frostbite,  a scarf etc etc.   It made my heart sing as I wandered off with him at 10pm and didn’t arrive home again wet and cold.

And as I wandered back, swinging a poo bag nonchalantly,  I started thinking about the other things that make me happy

  • Putting a whole load of washing on the line and bringing it in, dry, an hour later
  • Opening an window to let in some fresh air because it is such a lovely day
  • Looking out of clean windows
  • Hearing waves crashing
  • Seeing my children having fun
  • Watching spring arrive in the garden as the flowers push their way through
  • Sitting on our bench with a cup of tea in the sun for ten minutes
  • Reading a book on the sofa for half an hour with no interruptions
  • A lie in ( I don’t know why I am putting this here, it never happens)
  • Cooking food that everybody demolish, not push round a plate (that doesn’t happen often either)
  • Birds singing

What about you?

What’s on your “Things that make me go oooohhhhh” list?


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  • I love this little list. It’s so easy to take life for granted and forget about the simple things, that brings a smile to our face, I have to agree with you about the line full of washing. I always enjoy folding them after!