The Social Isolation Diaries — Week 9

The Social Isolation Diaries — Week 9

Yes, fluffy socks because it has been freezing at times this week!

So here we are, into week 9 of lockdown and a week after Boris made his speech setting out his “road map for easing the lock down” we are still baffled by what he was trying to say.  The government’s message telling us to “Stay at home” mutated into “stay alert” which caused Nicola Sturgeon to say “what does that even mean” on behalf of us all.

By the middle of the week what we had been led to believe it meant was that we could now meet one other person from outside our family, provided we stayed 2m apart and that we were outdoors.   We are also now permitted to drive as far as we like for exercise and we can spend as long as we like outside every day.  Solo sports and activities are now allowed too, much to the delight of golfers, stand up paddle boarders and fishermen.

Part of the baffling Boris speech told us we could now return to work.  If possible.   The trouble is though, what is possible?  Yes offices could move desks to allow people to still be socially distanced but what about break out areas, canteens, lifts, bathroom facilities, signing visitor books?  How can they all be kept safe?  Not helped by the fact that Boris made his speech at 7pm on a Sunday night, throwing managers into chaos.

Shambolic doesn’t even come close.  Thankfully I am obviously working from home and both Mr B and Jonnie are working for companies that have said “we see no need to return to the office, stay safe and work from home for a while longer”.

This was the week that the latest addition to our family was due to arrive, but at the time of writing has yet to make an appearance.   We are all on tenterhooks and desperate to hear news of her safe arrival.   First hellos will have to be over FaceTime, or from the doorstep for a good few weeks after her arrival too, sadly.   The midwives have suggested she be shielded for at least six weeks and since none of us want to run the risk of being asymptomatic and passing this virus on we are happy to do as we are told.   Well, we aren’t happy, but we can all see the bigger picture, and that it will make the eventual cuddles all the more sweet.

It is birthday week in our house this week, though celebrations are obviously different from previous years.  I delivered Caity’s presents to her and we had a chat on the doorstep, no cake or hugs.  No balloons or Chinese for tea.  They will all have to wait.     My dad’s is the following day and so it was phone calls and presents and cards sent direct to him too.  We have vowed to make up for it when lockdown is lifted, especially as we have Mr B’s birthday next week, followed by Ellie’s boyfriend’s the following week AND a postponed baby shower still to hold.

Definitely something to look forward to

Excitement for us this week came in the shape of an 800kg bag of gravel being delivered with the help of a flat bed truck and a crane, ready to cover up the holes in the path and patch up the driveway.  Though it probably wasn’t as exciting for our neighbours who had to watch it swinging over their cars as it was lowered on to our drive.

Food is still playing a major part in my week, sitting down to plan a week’s meals ahead of food shopping is helping me feel organised and in control, when so much else feels out of control.  Knowing there is food in the fridge and what we are eating each day is something I have always taken for granted.  As was the thought that if we suddenly fancied a take away or something else we could nip out, or order in but that has now all changed.   None of us want to nip to a supermarket on a whim anymore, even if the shelves are now better stocked (except for flour.  Where IS all the flour?).

This cheered me up no end this week.  In the Guardian, and it is readers favourite signs on pavements or in windows:  Click here to take a look 


Oh and I wrote a post about all the things we have panic bought during lockdown, including a sideboard.  If you fancy a read.

Until next week, stay safe!



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