Percy Pig Ice Cream — A Review.

Percy Pig ice cream



This post was originally written back in 2011 when Marks And Spencer first launched their Percy Pig ice cream lollies.   The news they had now launched it in tub form came out recently and I couldnt have been more excited.  Except because of the current restrictions on shopping, I cant get any!   So in the meantime, here is a story of the original lollies being released nine years ago.  I am sure the new version is just as good.


It was with much excitement on Friday that I saw a Tweet from @marksandspencer advising that Percy Pig ice cream had been launched.   You don’t get an arse the size of mine without consuming the odd sweet thing and I love ice cream.  Percy Pigs seem to be the big thing for M&S at the moment.  Their Twitter avatar is a pile of Percy’s and they are doing “bags for life” with him all over them too.

Our local Marks and Spencer is a very small Simply Food store, they do not have freezers.    The nearest one that does is huge and I can never face it at the weekend so it was only today that I managed to get my hands on these new ice creams.    Having picked E up from school and saying I needed to get some bits for tea she suggested the store near school.    Hoorah.

We literally ran from the front door of the Wokingham store to the back.   My heart sank slightly as I realised the freezer was only small.   Surely they couldn’t have them, could they?   Oh yes they could!   We grabbed two boxes and dashed to the till.

Having paid, we hadn’t even made it out of the shop before E had ripped open the box and started to eat one.   “Oh my goodness” she squealed (as 12 year olds do)  “it tastes JUST like Percy Pigs”.   I have to say we do like Percy Pigs in this house and they are always the impulse bag of choice.   Reversy Percy / Percy Tails / Ransom multi packs.  You name it, we have tried them all.


I was slightly more reserved and waited until we got home to eat mine.   I was disappointed to see that despite it only being 20 minutes from the store to our house, and it not being a particularly warm day it had already started to melt.

Suffice to say it didn’t last long after that, for fear of it dripping down my T-shirt.

It was fabulous.   Incredibly creamy, as you would hope proper ice cream to be.   The first two ingredients on the list are milk and double cream and you can certainly taste it.   A definite kick of cherry and strawberry and it was gone.   Quite small for adults but as they are clearly aimed at children they are just the right size.

Two bites and all I was left with was a soggy bag, and a wooden stick.    And a craving for another one.

Would certainly buy again but would have to take a freezer bag with me to ensure they didn’t melt again before getting home.

Available from Marks and Spencers stores near you!

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