This time next week — The fund raising will have begun

Yep, in earnest.   With the toughest challenge first.

On Friday a group of us are all meeting up at the foot of Snowdon and then this time next week will be climbing it.   Why?

In aid of Comic Relief of course.

What’s funny about that you might think?  After all, Comic Relief is all about doing something funny for money.    Well how about doing it with pants OVER the top of trousers?  Hmm?  Hmm?  How funny would that be?

Red pants

Lacy ones

Even the boys.

Oh yes.

Becky from Who Made Your Pants has received funding from Comic Relief in the past and felt it would be full circle to donate some pants to our cause.   So we shall be seeking donations for every pair and I will be out in Llanberis on Saturday morning trying to get others to do the same.

Want to know what we might look like?   Here is a little taster:


Now come on, if that made you laugh, please donate.  Please.  You can do so here:

Team Honk is now over 15 members strong and going up Snowdon

We are really close to our £1000 target already but would love to smash that before we go, and really show Comic Relief just what Team Honk can do.   We have done it once, let’s do it again.

And we have also seen, and shared, just what that money achieves.   Even a small amount makes a massive difference to lives of people not just in Africa, but also in the UK.

You can follow the escapade from today on Twitter by following #TeamHonkSnowdon.

And if you are in the area next Saturday, come along.   I am not going up the mountain since i am doing my own epic challenge the following weekend but if you want to come and hang out with me, please do!

I shall be cycling 25 miles for Comic Relief the following weekend, possibly in 25 pairs of pants (for which you can sponsor me by clicking on the duck badge over there on the right).

Mr B and J have both joined the team for Snowdon and will be representing me as I mind the fort at the bottom of the hill.

I will be the one flogging pants for charity.

Don’t let it be all pants.

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  • Has anybody warned the good burgers of Llanberis about this bohemian invasion of their peaceful environment? I think they should be told in advance.

    The Caernarvon Herald newspaper would be an excellent vehicle for publicity – publishes Thursdays I think so you’ll have to be quick – and there might be opportunities with both Snowdon Mountain Railway and the Welsh Highland Railway as well. WHR runs out of Caernarvon but is close enough I think.

    In Llanberis itself as you’ll remember there isn’t a great deal of enterprise/initiative but “Pete’s Eats” and Joe Brown’s climbing shops are places where some life circulates. They are the high spots apart from pubs and food shops.

    One pub worth a visit lies not in Llanberis but in Nantperis. A good 70% of the clientele are climbers normally and they serve good grub at reasonable prices,

    Good luck to all – Hals und Beinbruch!

  • Oh wow! I will be paid on Monday, will definately be sponsoring you all! (Just had car tires replaced, who knew how expensive they were – my bank account is horribly empty!)

    I will be back on Twitter so I can follow the exploits by then too! Yay!