Tidy Desk — Tidy Mind

Well they say that, don’t they?   Whoever “they” might be.    That if you a tidy desk you can think straight.

I know for me this is certainly true.  In fact it is very true.

We have a room in our house that is known as the office.  It has a desk in in and a computer.

And a dog cage

And a pile of books

And junk

And old papers

And a chest of drawers

And rubbish

And coats

You get the picture.   It was also the dumping ground recently for all the cardboard boxes that seem to arrive on an almost daily basis with another product to review  “that needs to go to the dump but in the meantime I will sling it in there and shut the door”.

It got to the point last week that you couldn’t get in the room at all.   It was like something out of a Channel 4 documentary on hoarding.

Until Tuesday when I attacked it with a bin bag.

It was only as I stood back that I realised my mood had lifted too.  And my va va voom for blogging.   I had so many posts to write, so many things to do, and just hadn’t got around to them as I balanced on my laptop on my knee in the lounge for the past few months I could never concentrate.

I now have a desk, with space.  And a chair.  Ergonomic leaning things are all well and good but they are crap when you have to sit on them all day.   I say sit,  I mean balance on your knees.

I treated myself to a new chair and can now focus on what needs to be done each day.  Ploughing through a monster “to do” list, getting things done and out of my head.

Boy do I feel better.

How about you?  Do you work better on a clean desk or do you thrive on chaos?


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  • I am absolutely with you! Unfortunately I have to share an office with my husband, who is the opposite. As I sit here typing this I have had to move my desk so it faces away from his, because I just can’t handle the huge amount of mess in the room. Plan for the weekend? Get to the tip and get rid of the cardboard / papers / general junk that seems to have amassed in here so I can have my work space back!

  • Oh yes, I cannot cope with an untidy desk and as my “desk” is a computer trolley then its essential I keep it tidy and clutter to a minimum. We had a big clearout of our living room earlier in the week and I’m so much happier to be coming into a tidy room – my husband is an unrepentant slob though so I’m not expecting it to stay that way 😀

  • You forgot to mention that your office has also been used as a bedroom when we last visited – your publishing effort faltered not a jot!

    Even when I had full use of arms and legs I’ve almost always worked in a blizzard of sheets of paper – never happier! To this, and to my mantra:”Never put off ’till tomorrow what you can put off ’till the day after tomorrow”, I attribute my longevity and my serenity.

    God save HMQ!

  • My current work area is appalling, it seems to be the households general dumping ground. I need to go in and tidy it up. Now M is at nursery, I may have a bit of time to do it. I work much better when my environment is in order! 🙂

  • I am totally with you, although I work on a laptop, balanced on my knees on the sofa. But I need my dumping ground area to be tidy. And it’s not at the moment, that is on tomorrow’s to do list….To say I’m jealous of your tidy area would be an enormous understatement.