The Hungry Student Cookery books by Charlotte Pike

I have a confession to make.   I love recipe books.  Can’t cook.   But love recipes books, and as I have mentioned in other posts I read them from cover to cover.

A few months ago I was contacted by a lovely lady on Twitter who told me she had some recipe books coming out and would I like to try them.   Well, hello?  Of course I would!   They duly arrived and I read them from cover to cover, oohing and ahhing at them.  Making a note of which recipes I wanted to cook.

And then sat on them.

Today when I tidying up I came across them again and have just re-read them all, and once again have a mega list of recipes I want to cook.    The genius is in their simplicity.   The three titles are:

The Hungry Student Easy Baking

The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook

The Hungry Student Cookbook

As the name suggests they are aimed at students, those just off to university or maybe those just setting up home.  Or maybe even middle aged housewives like me that get to 5.30pm and think “bugger I need to cook dinner” and have no clue what to cook.

If I had one grumble it would be that the Hungry Student Cookbook has a lot of recipes marked as vegetarian.  So if I had bought this and the vegetarian book, as a committed meat eater I would be a bit miffed.   That said though the recipes themselves are not duplicated and if you are on a budget ditching the meat is a great way to save money.


I love that the there is a whole section called “In bread and on toast”.    And that the fish finger wrap actually tells you how to make fish fingers too

The baking book would be great for anybody inspired by the Great British Bake Off and as it says on the front “the first baking book just for students”.   Nothing needs specialist equipment or lots of ingredients so is perfect for using in a communal kitchen.

If you know anybody going off to Uni then I can highly recommend these books, they are out now, priced just £7.99 and published by Quercus Books.


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  • Oh I want the Veggie one! I get home later and later each night to a boyfriend who just *stares* at me when I walk through the door like “erm….hello? Dinner?”.


    The veggie book needs to be in our lives for the sake of my sanity