Tips for a master bedroom makeover (ad)

Tips for a master bedroom makeover

It is said that we spend around one third of our life in bed and so it stands to reason that the master bedroom in our homes is worth putting a little time and effort into. Giving the room a makeover can make all the difference and actually aid sleep. Simba are experts at this and have some very handy tips on how to prepare your bedroom for a good night’s sleep so do go and have a read. In the meantime, here are my tips for a master bedroom makeover.

Setting the Scene

Whether you are a fan of the light and airy or prefer a bold and warm colour palette, the tones you choose for both the floors and walls really set the scene for the rest of the furnishings and so careful consideration is called for. It is, perhaps, worth bearing in mind that a lighter colour palette, while not as warm, will make the room look bigger and can be accented with colour in a verity of ways to make it appear more dynamic and warmer.

Window Dressing

How you dress the windows in the master bedroom will be dictated by both your own personal taste and the style of the property you are living in. For a wide range of stylish curtains and blinds try Direct Blinds who stock products that are perfect for period properties and contemporary builds large and small.

A Luxurious Bed

The centre piece of any master bedroom is, of course, the bed and a good piece of advice here is to consider the size of the bed carefully. While large beds are great, they can be imposing and so if you don’t have a particularly big bedroom, a smaller size may work better – don’t, however, compromise on comfort. And dont scrimp on the mattress or bedding. We put bedding on our wedding list and people thought we were weird but honestly they were things we didnt have the money to spend on and those beautiful linen sheets are still as beautiful 10 years later and very much help us get a good night’s sleep!

A Sense of Space

Whilst storage solutions are important, it is easier to maintain a sense of space by not having too much or by using smart storage solutions that are hidden – under the bed or behind ceiling to floor doors, for example. Here, less is more. Bedrooms shouldn’t be storage spaces so if things that aren’t needed can be boxed and kept elsewhere I strongly recommend it.

Hanging a large mirror on one of the walls can also help make the room look bigger and helps soak the room in natural light during the daytime.

The Finishing Touches

To add the finishing touches, use sumptuous soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions and blankets to provide comfort. Then, place some of your favourite images around the room – paintings and photographs give the space a personal feel, they make you fell at home and can inspire you.

With your newly made over master bedroom complete, all you have to do is clear your diary so you can spend ever more time in there!

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