The Gallery — My Favourite Place

I have two of these.  I can’t narrow it down to just one favourite place I am afraid.  So for the Gallery this week I am going to have to share two.

The first, the one on the left is our kitchen.   My favourite part of the house.   Often the tidiest.  Often the noisiest.   Often the busiest.   Often the perfect spot for a bit of contemplation whilst staring out of the window as the kettle boils.  Often the most chaotic.

I love our kitchen it really is the heart and soul of our house.

Further away from home the second picture is my favourite place in the world.  Barbados.   This view is from the balcony of my parents villa, overlooking the tenth tee of of the Royal Westmoreland Golf Course.   The Caribbean sea just beyond.   Some of my happiest memories are in Barbados.   Where we had our honeymoon.  Our first holiday as a family.   Where friends live who we look forward to seeing every year.

If I am having a bad day it is memories of time spent over there that get me through it.   That is sun set but it is sunrise that really makes me feel like I am holiday.  My body clock is never right over there and I tend to be awake at 4am.   Sneaking upstairs and making tea whilst everybody else sleeps.   Sitting on the balcony and watching the sun rise as the chicadas make their never ending racket, I immediately relax.

But by the end of our holiday I am ready to go home and back to my kitchen.


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