Tips and Trends for Plus-Size Fashion

Tips and Trends for Plus-Size Fashion

Every year trends change, looks evolve and in comes a wave of fresh fashion. Here are some of the best fashion tips and tricks for plus size dresses, accessories and looks for 2017.

Play with Bright colours

The latest trend is bright colours, plus size clothes are now available in wide range of bright colours and patterns. With fashion shows witnessing different shades and hues of colours, the summer and spring calls for experimenting with colours.

Focus on Assets

Plus size women enjoy curvy and voluptuous bodies, an emphasis in right way on the assets in important to create balance. Wear clothes that accentuate body shape with materials and designs that emphasise breasts and hips.


Avoid going for long skirts but instead flaunt your style with pencil skirts, which never go out of style. Mix and match by wearing bright coloured pencil skirts with simple shirts. Flare skirts rich in colours are also trending this season.

Accessorise right

It is important to accessorise your outfit in the best way possible but make sure you don’t over-use loud accessories. Choose minimal and smaller accessories that go with the shape of your body, avoid anything that is too big.

Wear right undergarments

Never underestimate the power of undergarments in accentuating your features and the impact it makes on the outfit. Make sure you’re wearing a bra that isn’t too small so that you don’t break the natural lines of your outfit.

Classic and tailored fit

Avoid wearing clothes that are extremely loose as these can make you look overly wide and broad. The trends for 2017 are more into fitted clothes for plus size women. Don’t shy away from wearing beautiful clothes that fit you right and tight!

Fabrics matter!

You should be careful while choosing the fabric for the clothes and make right investment on structured fabrics. If you are a plus size woman, the best kind of fabrics for you are cotton, chiffon and silk, which are all light and breathe well.

Cropped blouse

Cropped tops are definitely in. Many plus size fashion online stores have beautiful and elegant cropped blouses that can be teamed up with high waist pencil skirts.

Be Summer Ready

Try jumpsuits available in various patterns and team them up with a fitted jacket. Complete the look by carrying the right bag – so take into account fabrics, tones and design. Get yourself up and ready for the summers and spring, as you walk with confidence in the latest trendy jumpsuit.

Makeup with caution!

Finally, make sure you take care of your make-up and keep it minimal. Do not go for anything that’s overstated because we want to bring through natural skin tones, although some gentle contouring will definitely be a hit.

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