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The perfect Caribbean Adventure


The Caribbean Islands have always been an extremely popular destination for holidaymakers and adventurers alike, and it’s not hard to guess why. Known for the stretches of pearly white sands and crystal clear oceans, and of course, the history of pirates and treasure hunters of legend add to the beauty and mystery of the island nation. The beaches, coves, reefs, and rich history of the territory, combined with the tropical climate, make it a place that offers something for divers, sailors and vacationers alike, all year round!

No Caribbean adventure is complete without a healthy exploration of the British Virgin Islands. Discovered for the first time, for Europeans that is, by explorer Christopher Columbus himself!

These islands were so popular that the English, French, Spanish, Danish and the Dutch all, at one time or another, tried to claim the lands for themselves- which is also why these waters were so notoriously frequented by pirate ships hoping to plunder an unwary merchant ship. Long gone are the days of pirates and settlers, the Virgin Islands are now a unique and fascinating travel destination for cruises, sailors and merry-makers.

The British Virgin Islands consist of 4 main islands, the capital being Tortola, and a large number of smaller islands, at least 15 that are completely uninhabited. So certainly the best way to explore the British Virgin Islands is by yacht. Charter a yacht, catamaran, mono-hull sailboat or motor boat from Tortola and sail by yourself or with a captain and explore everything the territory has to offer.

To truly get the most out of your Virgin Island getaway hire a BVI yacht or bare-boat charter and Sail around the Island of Tortola for a glimpse into the essence of Caribbean scenic beauty; go on a nature trail or swim with the fishes and SCUBA dive in the breath-taking coral reefs near Anegada; explore the secluded coves of Virgin Gorda (which is also a magnificent natural sanctuary); or get deep into the mystery and pirate history of the region on the Island of Jost Van Dyke. When you are taking a break (from taking a break) engage in some exhilarating water sports or spend some time on land and stay at a local resort where you will get to enjoy the local cuisine and Caribbean nightlife.

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