To comment or not comment


I have had a couple of interesting conversations really about commenting vs not commenting on blogs.

A fellow blogger bemoaned the fact that nobody was commenting on her blog and she felt this meant her blog was rubbish.    I gave her a poke and said “why are comments so important to you?  I don’t blog for comments, I blog to get all this stuff out of my head.  I don’t base my blog’s success on the comments I receive”.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love comments on my blog.   I read them all and they do make me feel warm and fuzzy.   But I don’t get upset when I don’t receive any.  I can see from the stats that the blog is read, which posts are popular etc.

And then I read this blog post on a blog because I was attracted to a title that said “bloggers are just so rude”.

Which was when it hit me.   Blogging is a community.   It is about commenting, it is about feedback.   I read several other blogs on a regular basis and rarely comment.   I might tweet the blogger and say “yeah, loved that” but I don’t actually post anything on the blog.    So whilst no comments might be fine for me, it might not be for the person whose blog I am reading.

And this should be a two way street, shouldn’t it?   If I leave a comment on another blogger’s blog they might come to my blog and have a browse around and leave me a comment.

So from now on I shall be commenting on other blogs more regularly.

How ironic will it be if this post doesn’t get a single comment?

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  • ..erm, thinks of something to say…. thinks some more…

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your work T! 😀

  • Well it seems only appropriate, Sarah, that I reply to your comment 🙂

    Love your work even more. See you next week for tea and cake.

  • I’d never thought of it like that before. I am going to make more of an effort to comment on posts rather than read and run 🙂

  • I must admit I am the same as you!
    I read a LOT of blogs but mainly do it from my mobile.
    I don’t use google, Live Journal, wordpress, type pad, AIM or open ID, I physically cannot comment on blogger blog posts. I have tried registering for google just to comment, but for some reason, my iphone says my password is wrong even though it most definitely is not.
    It’s frustrating as hell!! xx

  • That’s so true. I am guilty of reading and not commenting, it’s actually taken me a while to realise I am part of a community and to pluck up the courage to take part.

  • You’re so right! I started blogging a couple of weeks ago and I joined the Mumsnet blogging community at around the same time. I have few comments and yet hundreds of ‘hits’ which is a bit disheartening. Comments show people have taken the time (and enough of an interest) to let you know what they think. Well done for highlighting this!

  • Being new to this blogging malarky, I get the whole community thing and do try to comment on other blogs I read. However, I do think there’s little point in commenting for commenting’s sake so I try to only say something if it’s relevant.

    I also think that non bloggers are a bit aprehensive about commenting on blogs, weird really as it can be more anonymous than facebook or twitter! Go figure?!

  • I’m really keep to comment & would do it much more if it wasn’t for sodding blogspot refusing to let me most of the time. I love comments on my blog, warms my heart 🙂