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This week I am doing a series of posts about things to do over half term.   This one could be entitled “stay in and sit on the sofa all day” but I decided to write the post and link up with another blogger doing a linky.

A while ago a group of bloggers were lucky enough to be involved with a campaign called “Netflix Stream Team” where they got a subscription to Netflix and an Apple TV.  I wasn’t one of them because we already have a Netflix subscription and won a huge 3D Tv a few years ago.  I mean, how many free TVs does a family need?

I think Netflix though is one of the greatest uses of the internet and amazing value for money.   Why am I telling you this today?  When I am doing posts this week about things to do with children during half term next week?  Well because I believe there is nothing wrong in children having a day in front of the TV, particularly when the weather looks as rubbish as it does at the moment.   And also because the lovely Kate Gunn who runs Listography is asking people to name their top 5 films on Netflix.

Two reasons for this post then.

I signed up to Netflix for one reason and one reason only.  Orange is the New Black.   One of the greatest TV series I have ever seen.   And exclusive to Netflix, so you have to have an account to watch it.  A really gritty drama set in an American women’s prison, with Jodie Foster as director.   Everything about it is superb, the plot, the casting, the script, I could go on.   I watched the whole of the first series in a weekend and then the second series over a week.

When I signed up you could get a month for free so the idea was that I would sign up, watch OITNB and then leave.   But once I was a member I was hooked and when the world cup was on it pretty much kept me sane single handedly.

Unlike Kate I dont watch Netflix on my TV,  I watch it on my laptop, with the headphones firmly in so that I can watch it and Mr B can watch whatever that night’s “Can’t miss it” football match is.   It may have saved our marriage this summer.

And when you can sign up for just £5.99 a month which allows you to watch as much as you like over the month, why would you not? Of course you don’t own the content, you “stream it” but then that is all you need to do in all honesty.  Decide to watch it, watch it, walk away.

  I remember once saying the to teens “let’s go to the cinema tomorrow”.   Well by the time we had found a film we all wanted to see we actually wanted to kill each other.   But then when we worked out that at £8 each, plus the obligatory drink, and parking, it would be close to £60 I said sod it, you can all buy a DVD from Amazon instead.  If you think it costs at least £6 for one ticket to the cinema for one film, and you can watch a film a day for a month for £5.99, well you are quids in, aren’t you ?

So my top five films on Netflix are:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Snatch
  • Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  • Chocolat
  • Sixth Sense

And my top TV shows would have to be

  • Orange is the New Black
  • The Good Wife
  • Californication
  • Damages
  • House of Cards

Not exactly family viewing I grant you but that is not to say that there isn’t lots on there to keep a younger audience occupied on a wet and windy October afternoon:


I love that I often see people on Twitter or on Facebook saying “RIght, I have just finished <insert a series I have never heard of> what do you recommend next?”.    There are so many that I have never heard of and probably wouldn’t have watched had it not been for friend’s recommendations.     And I love that Netflix keeps you place if you close it down, you don’t need to remember where you last were (which is what happens when somebody takes your DVD out of the machine, mid movie).   And automatically starts the next episode when one finishes, so before you know it you have watched eight and your arse has gone numb.

Are you on Netflix?  What are your favourites?

And, who’s on popcorn duty?

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  • I’ve never used Netflix….I really should.
    I prefer TV series over films….It would be ideal…
    And yay for Snatch…..Not many people list that as their fave film. lol It’s on of mine 😀

  • So you’re a fan then? 😉 I haven’t watched ANY of those series yet! I’m waiting for my internet to be supersized because at the moment it’s not strong enough to stream upstairs. But then I will wallow in bed on my ipad and indulge in them all. Cant’s wait!

    • HUGE fan. I think it is a bargain for what you get. And my teens can all watch on their devices too, under my account. So Jonnie has watched all of Dexter for instance which is something I am not sure I want to watch. It is flipping brilliant. Enjoy wallowing in bed with your ipad, you will wonder how you lived without it when you do get it upstairs!

  • LOVE Sliding Doors! As I type, my OH has given me the “choice” of 2 movies on Netflix! I’ve chosen Once… apparently that makes it MY choice?! Hmm… Men! 😉 x