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You would think that given the number of times we jump in the car and head to the coast I would be an expert on the top beaches in Hampshire by now, wouldn’t you?

And to be honest I like to think that I am, which is why I am surprised I have never really thought about writing them all down before! There is something I find really restorative about the beach and watching the sea gently roll in and out, subconsciously it definitely makes me regulate my breathing. It gets slower, and deeper, and as that happens my head starts to clear. Throw in a portion of chips and I am in heaven.

We live just over an hour away from most of these so drive, (parking nearby is easy for near most of them), or travelling by train is simple too and means you can enjoy a gin in a tin or two as well!


Southsea is where we usually head to because it is relatively easy drive for us. There is plenty of parking along the front, and a couple of great car parks nearby too. It’s a pebble beach so there wont be a lot of sand castles but it’s clean and often not as busy as the sandier beaches further along the coast. If the weather looks a big grim you can head inside to the amusements in the pier and while away an afternoon quite easily. Best place to eat has to be the Southsea Beach Cafe

Hayling Island

This is a relatively new discovery for us and is where we head in winter. When we want to just watch the sea, have a coffee, the obligatory chips and then head home again. Did you know that wind surfing was invented on Hayling Island? So if you fancy a sporty weekend this definitely the place to head out to.


I will be honest and say there isnt alot going on down on the beach in Calshot but its history is fascinating. Did you know for instance that when a volcano erupted in Tristan da Cunha in 1961 the residents were evacuated to Calshot. Those that returned home a few years later then named their harbour Calshot Harbour by way of thanks to the town that put them up for a while. There is lots to do slightly inland though, with the Activities Centre being a must visit. There is also a gorgeous row of brightly coloured beach huts that are well worth photographing (very Instagrammable!) and if walking on the beach is your thing then this one is brilliant for that, and it is likely you wont see many people along the way.

Milford On Sea

Milford On Sea boasts some of the county’s best coastline so it is easy to see why it is so popular. You can wander along the cliff tops, or stroll along the beach, it’s got it all. It also sits in the New Forest National park which is well worth an explore before or after your day at the beach (as is Lymington). There is also sand here so if you want to build sandcastles, this is the place to head!

Well those are my top beaches in Hampshire, do you have any to add to the list?

Images of Milford On Sea courtesy of Shutterstock

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