Top tips for trouble shooting your lawnmower

If you’re looking to get your garden ready for the brighter seasons of the year, then there’s a very good chance that your lawnmower will be playing a role in that. At least, that’s the plan, but after a season of being kept in the shed, it’s certainly possible you might find that mower not as willing to play ball as usual. Here are a few of the most common issues you might have with your lawnmower, and what you might be able to do to fix it.

You have trouble pulling the starter rope

It is true that starter ropes aren’t as common on lawnmowers as they used to be. However, if yours uses one and you can’t pull it easily or at all is usually due to the flywheel brake, which needs to press against the handle. If it’s stuck, you might need to replace it. Otherwise, the blade getting stuck is another problem, so unplug it, clean it, and try it again.

It doesn’t start

Making sure that your lawnmower is full of fresh fuel (if it isn’t mains powered) is the start, however. Otherwise, you might need to look at the spark plugs, a common pain point, making sure they’re not loose, dirty, or disconnected. The fuel filter can be a problem as well, as one that no longer works effectively can prevent the fuel from reaching the engine.

It loses power as it goes

If you experience a loss of power as you’re mowing the lawn, or there are spluttering sounds while it starts to slow, then there’s something stopping the engine. Cleaning out the filter is one of the easiest steps to prevent this, as is cleaning the blade, as both of them cause power loss. Otherwise, it might be an engine problem that needs professional attention.

Smoke and overheating

Smoke can often be a sign of overheating, which most often happens due to a buildup of grass in the exhaust, which blocks the cooling fins. Smoke can also be caused by an oil chamber that’s either overfull or leaking. If it’s leaking, you might need one of the replacement parts available here. Just keep in mind that a smoking lawnmower is a good sign you need to fix it, but not that it’s about to explode or anything, so don’t worry too much.

It’s not cutting well

If your lawnmower is cutting unevenly, then it’s usually due to the blades, which have become blunt, twisted, or caked in too much dirt to work effectively. Make sure you turn off the engine and part the lawnmower from its power source before you check the lawnmower. You might need to clean and sharpen the blades, or to get a replacement for them from your local garden store or online supplier.

When in doubt, get a professional to help. If you’re able to DIY your way to a working lawnmower, that’s fantastic, but you want to make sure that you’re comfortable with any fixes you’re using.

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