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Turn Wasted Corners of your Home into Useful Spaces

Having kids is fantastic, but there are a few drawbacks. One of which is that their stuff tends to take over a bit. The older they get, the more interests they have. In no time at all, your home is overrun with kids´ bits and bobs, leaving you with very little space to call your own.

Now, I am not complaining. I loved it when my three were into everything. But, we needed space too, so I went on a mission and turned wasted corners of our home into useful spaces. Here are some ideas to help you to do the same.

Light up a dark space

To be able to use a space effectively, you need it to be well-lit. Fortunately, the fact that lighting retailers, like the one you can find here, sell so many different types of lighting means this is not hard to do. If you take an alcove and turn it into a floor to ceiling cupboard you can easily install a couple of stick-up lights on the wall. Provided you choose the battery-powered type you will not have to worry about wiring them in.

Create an office in a small space

If you feel that you do not have enough room for an office or workspace in your home think again. You can set one up in a surprisingly small space.

You can learn exactly how to create one under your stairs from this post. Or you can install a desk and some basic shelves in the corner of a room. If you are really short on space, you can set things up so the desk folds up against the wall.

Take advantage of clever furniture design

Choosing the right type of furniture can free up a surprising amount of space. For example, installing a sofa bed in your spare bedroom opens up the opportunity for you to use it as a playroom, workspace or TV room. Buying items of furniture that have storage built-in is also a great idea. If you do this you will be surprised by how much tidier your home will be. In particular, your living room, being able to stow away the kid´s toys, throws, and electronics under the sofa is really convenient.

Create a snug in any room

Of course, it is nice to spend time together as a family, but not everyone wants to sit on the sofa watching TV while surfing the web. Sometimes you just want to curl up and concentrate on your book or enjoy doing some craft project. A well-placed chair can really help you to do that. That way you can still be in the same room with the family, but still, have a little space you can call your own. Placing a table next to the chair gives you somewhere to put the bits and pieces you need to complete your project.

Another idea is to set the chair up in a corner of the room, with a floor lamp behind it, so you can read. This is an idea that works well in a child´s bedroom. Adding a shelf for their books keeps everything tidy while encouraging them to read more.


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