Me #TwentyYearsAgo

I uploaded a picture to Instagram on Tuesday night with that #.   And something along the lines of “there are just no words”.   I had been to see C and D in their new flat and deliver their new microwave to them (along with a week’s worth of microwave dinners from M&S.   They might have moved out but it doesn’t mean I have to stop worrying about them).

On the (newly assembled) shelves in the lounge was a pic of C aged around six months, on my knee, alongside her dad.   I had forgotten the pic existed and was shocked at my hair.   So shocked I decided to take a photo of it and upload it to Instagram and Twitter so nearly 7000 other people could see it.

Not happy to upload a pic of myself doing everyday things now.   But more than happy to upload a pic that I know people will laugh at.

What’s that about?

So anyway.   That pic is me 20ish years ago.  Aged 25 with a six month old.  Living in Saudi Arabia for the previous year and a bit (you can see now why covering heads is a good thing in my case).     I was probably already pregnant with J.

What surprised me after I uploaded this pic is that so many other people then rummaged through their photo collections and did the same, using the same #20yearsago tagline.   There were some beauties.   People who are now brunette were blonde, people at school, at uni, even in pushchairs themselves.   It was amazing to see people and how they looked 20 years ago.

I said I would blog so that we could all link up so it would be great if you fancied doing the same thing.   Using the linky below.  It can even be a link to an instagram or Facebook picture if you don’t blog.   I love looking at old photos.

Just nobody let me ever consider having a perm again!!

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  • I love the picture! So glad there is another grown up about – all the other pictures seem to tiny children which only forced me to go hunting for carpet slippers and zimmer frame! I shall write mine and hop on!

  • I’m going to do this T as it’s a brilliant meme. I loved looking through my photos again so thank you so much for that prompt. It took me back in time, I saw my big kids little again and fell in love with them all over again and then I saw me blonde and I laughed!!! What the ? was that all about.
    I’m on the case and I will be back xx

  • oh i LOVE you for starting this Tanya I have loved seeing what everyone looked like back in 1993.
    i had a few perms during the late 1980’s – awful I should never have done it to my hair! xx