The Gallery — Christmas Tree

I didn’t think I was going to be able to take part in the Gallery this week as the theme was Christmas Tree and we weren’t going to have one.   We aren’t here on Christmas Day so I was all “what’s the point” / “there will be no presents under it”  / “if we have a real one it will just drop needles and make a mess and if we have last year’s fake the lights weren’t work” / I don’t know where the decorations are”




And Mr B does what he does best.  He just listened and said nothing.

Until Saturday morning when he said “Right, I am going out to buy a tree.  Coming?”

Never one to miss an opportunity to shop I thought we would be off to an emporium of some sort that sold shiny things.  And smelly things.  And leather hand bag things.  So when he was distracted by Norwegian Spruce or whatever they are called I could sneak off and stroke things and add them to my wishlist.

Except he knows the best place around here to buy a tree, and I mean THE best place, is our local pub car park.


But we did get a gorgeous little tree though.  In a pot.   And then Mr B found THE box with the beautiful hand made white decorations made by a Twitter friend of Mr B’s.   And the shoe box with the lights in.

Twenty minutes later

<Noddy Holder voice>


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing over the festive period may you have a lovely time.

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