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I had a big response to my post on whether I should complain about shocking driving I witnessed, telling me I should name and shame the company.  I haven’t done that, but here is the email I sent to them this morning.  I wonder if I will get a response.

Good afternoon
I live in Hampshire and followed one of your vans on Wednesday afternoon for about ten miles from Minley to Wokingham (registration number FO09 ***).   I have to say he displayed some of the most shocking driving I have ever seen and I felt I had to tell you.   As he was in a liveried van it was a dreadful advert for your organisation.
He started off by approaching a roundabout in the wrong lane, and instead of turning right as indicated by the road markings, went straight over, cutting me up in the inside lane.  I had to brake sharply to avoid him hitting my front wing.
He then sped down Cricket Hill, a 30 zone, at far more than that.   At the next roundabout he barely stopped, causing another motorist to brake ON the roundabout!
We then both turned right, he failed to indicate, just pulling into the filter lane and then out in front of yet another motorist.
More speeding up to the next junction, at one point over taking a cyclist at the last minute, causing him to wobble.  No indication he was going to pull out around the cyclist, and no thought that oncoming vehicles would have to brake and pull over to allow him to pass.  On a narrow A road, passed a school with blind bends.  How could he have had any idea what was approaching and that he was not about to cause a head on collision?
I could also see in his wing mirror that he was smoking.  Surely this had been made illegal in company vehicles?  He threw the finished cigarette butt close to a zebra crossing as he waited for mums with pushchairs to cross.
Anyway, I felt you should know since you are  company that, from your website, appears to pride itself on being associated with Michelin starred restaurants and the finer things in life.
How he didn’t cause an accident is beyond me.   One day he will, I am sure and wont just be himself that he hurts.
In the meantime he is a shocking advert for your company and I would suggest he is only permitted to drive plain white vans in future if that is his normal style.
Kind regards

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  • If I where you I’d be super tempted to Name-and-Shame, sometimes its the only way they’ll sit-up and take notice