Would you complain?

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My school run is a 28 mile round trip and takes me about an hour twice a day.   So I do a lot of driving and also witness a lot of other drivers.

Today I followed a van that really took the biscuit.   It started when he overtook me on a straight piece of road, thereby exceeding the speed limit and then causing me to brake as he needed to cut in front of me to avoid smashing into a bus coming the other way.

That made me cross

At the roundabout he was in the outside lane (with arrows painted on the road indicating it is for taking the third ie, last exit) and as I was going straight on I was in the left hand lane.    He then decided to accelerate out past a car transporter, causing him to flash his lights and then go straight over.

I followed him for about ten miles to school.  Whilst he always exceeded the speed limit (and before you say I must have been too to have still been behind him, I wasn’t, I was some distance behind and only caught up at roundabouts and junctions), pulled out in front of people, drove over the centre line in the road, and almost forced a cyclist to fall in a ditch.

I noticed as well that he was smoking as he threw his cigarette butt out, towards children walking across a zebra crossing.

So here is the question.   He was driving a company van.   A van that is logo’ed, with contact info for them.  Telling me they are “the environmentally positive solution for your water solutions”.  Should I email the company and tell them how appalled I am by this driver’s behaviour?

What kind of an advert was this?  Certainly if I need an “envrionmentally positive solution” I will not be phoning them.

What do you think?

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