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As my blog evolves I am thinking of what to do with it.   I don’t really want it to have one particluar slant such as just me as a mum / property / food / reviewing stuff etc.   I love things I have seen on other blogs such as “Silent Sunday” where you just post a picture that sums up your week, no words.  Just a picture.  I will definitely be adopting that.   But this blog is mine and I also don’t want it to just follow other people’s lead.

With that in mind I have decided I shall have a Tuesday Chuckle.  It might be a one liner.  It might be a picture.  It might be a story I have read, or one of my own.   Who knows.  You Useful thing to will have to stick around to find out.

The idea for this came to me this morning, after reading a tweet from @walktherotties.   I was going to reply but then realised I couldn’t fit this into 140 characters so it would be better as a blog post.

So with the background set.  Here is the first one.

My lovely mother in law, Lady B (not an official Lady though she does own one of those square inches of some far flung Scottish Highland that allows you to call yourself Lady) told me this story last year.   She had gone on a picnic with a number of her friends (all ladies of a certain age) and some of their grandchildren.

One of the boys decided he needed a wee and being in a field in the middle of nowhere grandma took him off to a nearby tree.

One of the other grandchildren, a little girl of about three was aghast as this little boy standing up against a tree having a wee.   But said nothing.

When grandma and grandson returned to the gathering the little girl looked up and simply said “that is a very useful thing to take on a picnic”.

Image of picnic courtesy of Shutterstock 

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  • >ooh by your picture it would seem she might have meant the tree… are you sure she just wasn't jealous of his wee trouser hose? I have often thought that such a thing would be jolly useful, and a lot better than our own equipment. The inconvenience of which makes me feel that should there be a god who made us, it is rather likely that he IS male..Penis envy can start ever so early in just such a way… LOL

  • >Only put the tree there as being indictive of the scene. She definitely meant what the little boy was using but I didnt really want to put that as the pic!!

  • Chuckle indeed. She’s absolutely right though – I am getting infinitely jealous of boy/men’s ability to pop behind a hand bush on a long country ramble. x