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Visiting the Australian East Coast from Top to Bottom

If you have ever considered visiting the Australian east coast from top to bottom, now is the time to actually do it

Australia is a country that combines the strange with the familiar. There’s no language barrier to get over, and the food is, for the most part, of the same sort that you might be used to. But there’s an enormous amount of extraordinary sights to see and places to visit. If you’re visiting the East Coast of the country, then you’ll be able to take a trip through Queensland, New South Wales, and finally Victoria – and in so doing you’ll be able to pack an incredible amount of variety into a single short (or long) trip.

Let’s run though each destination, and see what you might do on your once-in-a-lifetime Australia holidays!


Of course, the best place to start is the extraordinary Great Barrier Reef. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to an eye-popping array of marine life, and snorkelling and scuba-diving around the area is a must if you’ve visiting. You’ll also get the opportunity to visit the botanical gardens, which is home to tropical insects, plants and birds.


The next stop on our southward tour is Brisbane. There’s another botanical gardens to enjoy here, as well as a slew of parks, bridges, and interesting buildings to examine. The best views of the city are to be had from the summit of nearby Mouth Coot-tha, which can be attained after a short hike.

Gold Coast

The gold coast is where you’ll find the country’s famous surfing culture in greatest abundance. But there’s more to the place than stunning beaches. After the sun goes down, of course, you’ll find the iconic Surfer’s Paradise teeming with drunken tourists – but if you want to venture off the beaten track a little, you’ll find quality nightlife in nearby Coolangatta which isn’t quite so touristy-infested.


First-time visitors to Sydney will likely come armed with a laundry list of things to see and do. Near the top of this list will be the most iconic landmarks: the opera house and the harbour bridge. If you’re going to visit the latter, then it’s worth taking a guided climb along the top: you’ll get a new perspective on the engineering involved, as well as the thrill that comes from being suspended high over the traffic. The view isn’t bad either!


Melbourne is home to the highest observation deck in the southern hemisphere, in the form of the Eureka Tower. It’s the best place to see the city from. If you’re arriving during the AFL season, it’s also worth paying a visit to a live game. At sunset, it’s worth heading over the St Kilda Pier, from where you’ll be able to spot penguins from the breakwater.

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