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Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

May is always a really exciting month for us.   Not only my dad’s birthday, but also Caity’s and Mr B’s.   This year though something else very exciting happened, and I don’t just mean Caity’s wedding that is happening right at the end of May.  Nope, we got a new washing machine! Samsung, in collaboration with Mumsnet, chose our pitch out of all who applied, to be the recipient of a new appliance and to see if it could cope with mountains of washing we do every day.

Now, this might be something that wouldn’t normally be worthy of such excitement but the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine is no ordinary washing machine and is, in fact, something we all need in our lives.   For a whole number of reasons.

Not least of all because if you buy it through Currys for a small additional fee they will take your old one away (is there ever a site sadder than an old washing machine being dragged out of the space, complete with years worth of fluff not just on top of it, but under it too?).  They will also install the new one, taking away all the packaging, leaving the new one plugged in and  ready to go.

When my children were younger and we lived in a bungalow there was a standing family joke that they wouldn’t be able to get to sleep without the sound of the washing machine in the kitchen.  It was on so much that it was almost like a lullaby in the background for them, and the gentle hum soothed them all off to the land of nod.   If it wasn’t on then something wasn’t right!

Now we have moved house, and Caity has moved out the washing machine doesn’t get used any less.   In fact if anything it gets used more now as both Jonnie and Ellie do their own washing (I have trained them well*) so there are some days where they each do a couple of loads and I then do the same with mine and Mr B’s.  Add bedding and towels to the mix and you see that our machine is on ALOT.

So having a machine that is able to do a load of washing in as little as 15 minutes is proving to be a godsend.   Yet even without the fifteen minute cycle, thanks to QuickDrive technology the standard cycles are faster too.   Basically the machine creates a flow of water that moves around the entire drum meaning the detergent is able to penetrate fabrics much more quickly, speeding up the whole process.

There is also an Auto Optimal Wash.   Yep, this machine is SO clever it can work out the best wash for your laundry, having weighed the clothes first.  It then delivers just the right amount of water, detergent and energy, to ensure your clothes are cleaned brilliantly every time.   It can even judge how dirty they are.   But the good thing is it keeps its judging to itself and doesn’t tell all your mates.     The only down side of this though is that you may find it takes longer for the cycle to finish that is originally indicated on the display, but this is balanced out by you knowing your clothes are cleaned and you haven’t wasted electricity heating to a temperature you don’t need, or spinning for ages to get rid of excess water.

The machine is able to do this as it has auto dispensers for the detergent.  You simply fill them up when empty and then leave the machine to decide how much to deliver with each wash (you can over ride this if you want to).    No more flinging a capsule in the drum and hoping for the best.

How many times have you put the machine on, only to turn around and find a stray sock on the kitchen floor?  We have a sock orphanage this happens so often.   Did.  We did have a sock orphanage.   Not anymore though thanks to the AddWash Door.   This small door within the main door  can be opened at any time prior to the water temperature reaching 50 degrees.   So anything dropped can be added even after the cycle has begun.  Such a simple idea but it makes such a huge difference.

We have found that our clothes are much cleaner too.   Marks on clothes (I drop food down myself so often that I normally spend all day wearing an apron.  I think of it as kind of adult bib) that previously would have had to have been pre-treated with something like Vanish, are coming clean with no effort on our part.  They are also drying much faster as they come out of the washing machine having been spun at 1600rpm so they are almost dry, even heavy towels and king size duvet covers.

We have the 10kg option, but if yon don’t need that capacity, there is a slightly smaller 9kg option (and both come in either graphite or white).   The 10kg retails around £1350

If you are looking to replace your washing machine then this really is the one to go in my opinion.

(*shrunk / accidentally dyed their clothes once too often)

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